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Adult dating in sorum south dakota

All proceeds going to The Roddy B Fund to be distributed as bursaries to young musicians.

(pictured above at the Penny Gill) are well-known in the North-East for their professionalism and attention to detail - indeed, their covers are superceded only by their superb self-penned numbers.

After a wide range of good time's a Xmas Party. Known to his friends as Roddy B, this Brazilian born singer came to this country to follow his dream of performing in the UK.

His distinctive power-house vocal style got him the attention of local musicians and eventually landed him the lead singer in , which he held for the last few years of the band's existence.

Well, Sarah from the Centre has been thinking the same thing and if the punters turn up in their droves, and drink lots (drink aware now!

has been sent some pics of the Hells Bells night and it looks like a nice big hall you can get your gear up to 11 in.

Even (going by the door behind stage) looks like you have your own dressing room.

are the premier Soul and R'n'B outfit of the area who'll knock you out with their imaginative arrangements of classic numbers.

The tickets are available now for 5 from The Cluny1 or contact me by email and we can sort out Pay Pal, posting and any other queries you may have.

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[This was over four long paragraphs to begin with but my niece read it and said: 'I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say, but people don't want to hear it, they just want to get pissed and have a good time.' So I cut it].