Blackberry facebook not updating contacts ts dating singles

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Blackberry facebook not updating contacts

There is a PC version of the Black Berry desktop software, too. In Black Berry desktop, go to Device, Backup, and then back up your Black Berry. Now connect your i Phone to your Mac and launch i Tunes.Scroll down and select 'Info', and then tick the box next to 'Sync Contacts'.With Black Berry, unfortunately, you can no longer use the following method unless you pay for Google Apps for Business.Clearly, you are unlikely to do that for this reason alone, but if your business uses Google Apps the following should work: Your contacts data is now in your i Phone (as well as your Gmail account, should you wish to access it from your PC).For example, you can connect your Facebook account to your Black Berry Calendar application, meaning Facebook events are automatically added here.You can also sync contacts and messages between Facebook and your Black Berry, and get notifications at a scheduled time period.

For instance, you can't access Facebook applications on your Black Berry, or access Facebook Chat.Eventually, you find your Black Berry contacts feel bloated with Facebook contacts and you don't know how to keep them separate.Here is a simple way to prevent your Facebook contacts from merging with your Black Berry 10 contacts. Swipe down to reveal the settings gear icon on the top left.Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you to do the same with video at present.The Facebook application integrates nicely with the Black Berry 10 operating system.

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This includes Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10, Q30, Classic, Leap, Pass Port, Porsche, and similar devices.

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