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If that isn’t a ringing endorsement for the power of fiction, I don’t know what is. Let’s not get into all the legal mumbo jumbo surrounding fanfiction and copyrights and whether or not people are allowed to write fiction using another author’s intellectual property. Despite the legalities, there is some good fanfiction out there — in fact, some of today’s popular authors had their start as fanfictionists. Net in that they run on the same website system and paradigm: user-submitted stories that are freely available to consume.

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Probably not unless the author explicitly releases a limited time free version for marketing purposes.

Otherwise, the only way to read an author’s work for free is illegally.

porn sites that have no more than 1 popup and 1 popunder.

All links where verified and found to be clean and safe at time of listing.

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Otherwise, there are hundreds of stories for you to explore. There are talented writers out there who will write and share their stories for free.

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