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Pantyhose sex chatlines

Since I was young pantyhose always had a curious luster, a kind of drawing effect like a magnet or gravitational force. As long ago as I can remember it has always been this way. I wear them with daisy dukes in the summer and have always recieved admiring looks. Ok so on sunday october 14th 2012, I brought my pantyhose at a store by myself for the first time. Then, i acquired a pair that a girlfriend had left at my moms house. I tried over and over to stop, but the lure of pantyhose and silky things always brought me...

I was so so nervous and I really feel happy so let me tell you what happened. I wore them until they were so full of runs and stains that i had... I blushed a bit other ladies standing near by laughed. I knew i like them, but the first time I felt them on my legs and **** I just couldn't stop. Support with a pair of 6" inseam mens shorts(Olive colored). This was the 7th time I have done this and I got my first comment today.

A quick skim of the postings for this group and I seem to see a trend towards more men than women adding their two cents. Yes they had stuffed tops but they were also wearing orange shorts pantyhose scrunchie socks and white tennis shoes.

In a way it's good that men are wearing pantyhose because it appears many women have stopped which has to affect the manufacturers' bottom lines. These two guys had better looking legs than a lot of woman that I know.

Tele Chat is the HOTTEST free phone chat line in the United States with THOUSANDS of new and exciting people calling our chat line every day. If we haven't established a local chat line number in your area, you can use our main chat line number until we establish a chat line for your region of the country.I talked to one of them who liked wearing pantyhose and he told me that...and my leggs sheer energy control top pantyhose makes me feel feminine and girly. I have felt alone in the world because of the stigma attached. i found them, then went into her bathroom and slowly undressed. I would love to come out proudly in the world but struggle with what friends and family and even total strangers would say. i remember being home after school and finally getting the nerve to go into her lingerie drawer.

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One afternoon I sneaked a pair of pantyhose out from my mom's room and went... I would see girls, teachers, and some moms wearing pantyhose at school. I had let my hair grow long as was the fashion and Mom always helped me style it when I was Lisa, otherwise it just hung from a center part. I joined Experience Project a few days ago after having yet another discussion with another female, whom I will call "L," who tried to convince me how evil pantyhose were.

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