Process of validating a survey Best erotic dating married

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Process of validating a survey

Misrepresentative results can often be traced to portions of the survey database that are either under-represented, or otherwise different from the user's expectations.The underlying assumption when using a typical survey analysis program is that the survey database is fully represented in all respects, and that all data elements fall within the user's expectations. For example, it is known that many survey analysis programs allow the user to make qualified user requests that select and operate only on a portion of the database. A cornerstone of most total quality management (TQM) systems is the periodic measurement of identified parameters that relate to various aspects of the business. 23, 1997, entitled “Method and Apparatus for Detecting an Endless Loop in a Rules-Based Expert System”, all of which are assigned to the assignee of the present invention and incorporated herein by reference. Field of the Invention The present invention generally relates to data processing systems, and more particularly relates to such systems that analyze survey data. Description of the Prior Art Many businesses have adopted the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) to help improve profitability, ensure sustained customer loyalty, improve quality of products, etc. Deming and others, TQM is now widely accepted in many business circles throughout the world. 23, 1997, entitled “Method and Apparatus for Identifying the Coverage of a Test Sequence in a Rules-Based Expert System”; and U. Because the measurements are made on a “periodic” basis, managers can gauge the effects of various changes made within the organization over time. Through these measurements, managers can identify the areas within the organization that need improvement.A method and apparatus for validating a survey database, preferably before any user requests are submitted to the survey database. Businesses often generate and manage an array of measurements for purposes of analyzing the performance of individual operations in relationship to productivity, resource utilization, profitability, etc.

For example, it is known that many questions in a customer survey may solicit two answers, such as an overall importance question and an overall satisfaction question.

Similarly, survey results may be based on data elements that skew the results in an undesirable way.

Often, the user is unaware that the survey results have these deficiencies, and may base important business decisions on the misrepresentative survey results.

This may be accomplished by analyzing the survey database, and identifying those portions of the survey database that are potentially problematic.

The present invention may then notify the user of any potential problems in the survey database, and/or warn the user to view certain results with caution.

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Those responses that indicate a high degree of satisfaction but a low degree of importance may skew the results provided by an overall satisfaction request.

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