Updating old clothes

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Updating old clothes

• Metal dryer-vent pipe sealed with foil tape, rather than a plastic flex hose, which is a fire hazard.

• A washer box that's recessed in the wall so that water valves are easily accessible and hoses don't loosen or get damaged by getting squished behind the machine.

Machines should be placed directly in front of utility hookups. Supplies: Store detergent, stain sticks, and other clothing-care items, such as a sewing kit, in closed cabinets, cubbies, or open shelving that's above or next to machines. Baskets: Leave enough room in front of machines to empty or fill them easily, and create a nearby niche to tuck baskets or hampers out of the way but within easy grabbing distance. Work surface: Add a counter or a freestanding table adjacent to stacked or top-loading machines for sorting, treating, and folding.

With front loaders placed side by side, consider installing a counter on top of the machines to save space.

Whether you consider yourself an ironing pro or are brand new to the task, avoid these common errors:1. Use the steam burst feature to give stubborn folds a blast.2. Irons take longer to cool down than to heat up, so start with materials needing the lowest temperature, like polyester and silk. Clean the iron's soleplate with a baking soda paste when it's cold or an iron cleaning paste, like Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner , when it's warm.6. Always empty the iron's water tank before putting the iron away, especially if you store it on its soleplate.

Here's what you'll need: • Braided steel washer hoses, shown left, that can't split open like rubber ones.A front loader also offers design flexibility and comfort; you can stack it with a dryer to save floor space, top it with a counter for folding, or raise it on a pedestal to a back-friendly height.To do the latter with a top-loading washer, you'd have to be part giraffe to reach inside the machine. If the garment is made of a blend, select the setting for the more delicate fabric. Unless your area's water is extremely hard, there's no reason to use distilled water. Today's irons can handle tap water better than older models could.

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